Wuyuan County: Ancient Architecture and Charming Villages

We took a 4 hours bus ride from Hangzhou to Wuyuan (Jiangxi province). Wuyuan County is home to some of the best-preserved ancient architecture in China. In Wuyuan County you can find beautiful ancient villages and peaceful authentic countryside.  Looking back at our visit in Wuyuan villages, I think it’s best to go during high season in spring time. The villages are charming, but I believe it is much more impressive when it blossoming all around.


Wuyuan County




Sixi and Yancun- loved those villages


We stayed 3 wonderful nights in Brook Hotel, in Little Likeng Village. We think Little Likeng is the most beautiful village in Wuyuan. The woman in the hotel spoke English and helped us a lot with information and finding drivers for a good price. The owners are lovely smiling people. The room was clean and comfortable. There is free wifi and great food in the hotel, and the prices are quite cheap.

Our rating for Brook Hotel is 7 out of 10.

Well-preserved ancient architecture


We did 2 day trips from Likeng with taxi driver to almost all the other parts of Wuyuan County.

On the first day trip we joined a lovely Chinese family that hired a driver and a van. We visited mountain Dazhangshan, Lingyan Cave, Qinghua town and the Rainbow Bridge, the beautiful 2 villages- Sixi and Yancun, and the amazing view spot- Yueliang Bay. We liked most the villages Sixi and Yancun.






Lingyan Cave

traveled with a great Chinese family

Traveled with a great Chinese family


View from the Rainbow Bridge


Rainbow Bridge – Qinghua town




Yueliang Bay


Amazing view spot


On the second day trip we traveled with 2 Chinese girls that joined us and we hired a driver for a full day.  We visited the terraces of Jiangling, which should be amazing during spring time but not so impressive without the flowers, and the villages Xiaoqi and Wangkou.


Jiangling- suppose to be amazing at spring time


Beautiful countryside



We spent the last day at our base village, Little Likeng, which is definitely the most beautiful one. We joined some Chinese art students and made some drawings. I didn’t have a sketchbook or pencils so one of the Chinese gave me his new sketchbook and pencils as a gift!!! I was amazed once again by the kindness of the Chinese we met.


Nice view of Little Likeng Village



Little Likeng is the most beautiful village in Wuyuan


Some local village kids gathered around me and said to me ‘hello hello!!!’ again and again, so I smiled with them and did some sketches of those kids. It was really fun.

Our rating for Wuyuan County is 8 out of 10.


Did some drawings of those cute kids


A lot of fun with the art students we met


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2 thoughts on “Wuyuan County: Ancient Architecture and Charming Villages

  1. Keshna

    Hi Sivan
    Your photos and stories are beautiful, makes me even more excited about our upcoming trip to China. I am hoping you may be able to assist me as I am currently planning a holiday to China with my family and 2 young children. I would really like to stay at the Brook Hotel in Wuyuan and am having difficulty finding their contact details. Do you have an email address so I can contact them. How many days/nights would you recommend staying in Wuyuan to see the area. Also, do you have any recommendations on a place to stay in Huangshan for a couple of nights to see Yellow Mountain and their email address if possible.
    Many thanks for your assistance.

    • Hey Keshna!

      Thanks for your lovely comment. I think 3 nights are enough for visiting Wuyuan County. We stayed in Likeng village and did day trips around the area. I don’t have contact info of Brook Hotel but I think if you’ll make a reservation through Tripadvisor or Hostelworld you’ll get their contact details. Just keep in mind it’s not a fancy hotel, it’s a small and warm homestay.

      About planning your visit in Huangshan you can see more details here: http://www.backpackingpanda.com/huangshan-the-yellow-mountain/

      We stayed in Tunxi, a town one hour away from the mountain, in Old Street Youth Hostel, and then stayed one night on the top of Huangshan, the staff helped us making the reservation. You can call them at this number +86 559 254 0386, or make a reservation and then you’ll get their email as well.

      Enjoy your trip!

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