Chinese Food

Chinese food most likely will be one of your best memories. Whether you’re trying out the local food in the streets and markets or in a fancy restaurant, a special experience is guaranteed. I really enjoyed all the spicy, unique flavors. and the smell of this food…can make you go nuts!

Chinese cuisine offers a variety of delicius local dishes like dumplings, baodze, noodles of all kind, fried rice, and more.

Everything I ate was delicious.

It’s always best to ask some locals for a recommendation, and if you see a busy restaurant full of Chinese, it’s probably cheap and tasty!

Funny story:

While visiting Hangzhou we wanted to eat Chinese food in a local restaurant. We didn’t see any tourists inside and of course the menu was only in Chinese and no one spoke English. Many Chinese were eating inside so it seems like a good choice. We chose randomly a dish, not knowing what we just ordered.

When our dish arrived we had no idea what are we looking at.

We tasted it and it has a nice smoothly texture, weird shape, I kept thinking what kind of meat is that. I couldn’t enjoy my food until I’ll know what I am eating.

I used my translation app and asked the Chinese cleaning lady:


She shook her head for ‘no’.

I tried again: “pork?”

No again.

What can it be?? I tried: “fish?? rabbit??? snake???? snail??!?!?!?”

Now she laughed and again said no.

Then I figured it out. it doesn’t taste like any meat cause it not meat!!!!

I asked: “dough?????”

And then she nodded! yes!!! it’s just some kind of spicy dough in a weird shape!!  now I can continue eating peacefully…(=

eating Chinese food with Chinese friends is the best!

Eating Chinese food with Chinese friends is the best!

Uyghur Noodles, Xinjiang

Uyghur Noodles, Xinjiang



Night Market, Kashgar

Night Market, Kashgar

Samsa, street food in Kashgar

Samsa, street food in Kashgar



spicy flavors

Spicy flavors


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5 thoughts on “Chinese Food

  1. Anna

    I love Chinese food! I’ve been to China twice with my husband and we really enjoyed everything. the dumplings were delicious and so cheap…

  2. danny


  3. Misael David

    great i would like to eat chinese food but there in china 🙂 i’m hungry!!!!!!

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