Second Trip to China Cost Summary

Cost summary per person:

International round trip flight from Israel to China (via Kiev, Ukraine): 450$.

5 domestic flights: 1105$

Beijing- Urumuqi

Urumuqi- Kashgar

Kashgar- Urumuqi

Urumuqi- Shanghai

Huangshan- Beijing

All other expenses (including food, accommodation, attractions fee, transportation etc…): 1460$ in 27 days, 54$ average per day.

Shopping during the hole trip: 250$

Total cost of 27 day trip to China per person: 3015$+ 250$ shopping

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2 thoughts on “Second Trip to China Cost Summary

  1. Guy

    54$ per day including sleeping hotels or hostels? dorms or private rooms? what kind of transportation did you use? I am flying in september and would like to spend not more then 1000$ in 28 days. Is it reasonable?

    • Hey Guy!

      We stayed half of the time in private rooms and the other half in dorms. We stayed in very good hostels, used buses and taxis for transportation, but for long distances we took flights. I think it is possible to travel one month in China with 1000$, but you’ll need to be very calculated. It means no domestic flights, cheap hostels (only dorms), eat most of the time in local restaurants and street food, and in general you’ll need to do budget-friendly activities. China is an amazing country that offers a lot for all travelers, I’m sure you’ll have a great time!


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