Top 6 of China

6 most beautiful landscapes in China

  1. Jiuzhaigou Nature Reserve, Sichuan province
  2. Huanglong Valley, Sichuan province
  3. Tiger Leaping George, Yunnan province
  4. Yangshou, Guangxi province
  5. Karakul Lake, Xinjiang province
  6. Huangshan (The Yellow Mountain), Anhui province
Moon Hill

Beautiful karst landscape in Yangshuo

6 best cities\ villages\ towns

  1. Lijiang, Yunnan province
  2. Hangzhou, Zhejiang province
  3. Kashger, Xinjiang province
  4. Wuyuan County, Jiangxi province
  5. Shanghai
  6. Beijing
West Lake, Hangzhou

West Lake, Hangzhou

6 best of Beijing

  1.  Visit The Great Wall
  2.  Lama Temple
  3.  Summer Palace
  4.  Temple of Heaven
  5.  798 Art District
  6. Visit Zhongshan park
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the great wall

The Great Wall

 6 best hostels we stayed in China

  1. Jade Emo Hostel – Dali, Yunnan province
  2. Sim’s Cozy Hostel – Chengdu, Sichuan province
  3. Garden Inn Hostel – Lijiang, Yunnan province
  4. Mingtown Hiker Youth Hostel- Shanghai
  5. Beijing Downtown Backpackers Youth Hostel
  6. Huangshan Old Street Hostel-Tunxi, Anhui province

 6 best food in China

  1. Dumplings
  2. Noodles
  3. Fried rice
  4. Baodze
  5. All Uyghur cuisine (Xinjiang province)- especially Polo rice
  6. Spicy Sichuan beef
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