Huangshan: One of The Most Beautiful Landscapes in China

We’ve heard a lot about the epic Huangshan and we were really excited. We stayed at Huangshan Old Street Hostel in Tunxi. This is a great hostel in a nice location on the main alley. Free wifi. The room was very clean and comfortable.  Staff spoke good English and were very kind. The staff can book you a night in one of the hotels on the mountain (and get cheaper price for you). You can take a good map for free, book a bus ride to the entrance and buy some food to take with you for the first day on the mountain; the hotel’s restaurants are very expensive.

Our rating for Huangshan Old Street Hostel is 9 out of 10.

Early in the morning we took the 1 and a half bus ride to Yungu cable car. When we reached up it was very foggy and we were quite disappointed, but after a few hours the fog spread and it looked mystic and special.  It took us about 4 hours to walk from the cable car to the Hotel. The walking included many scenic spots. The yellow mountain is one of the most beautiful landscapes in China. All the peaks are beautiful and breathtaking. We visited Huangshan in October (during autumn), when all the trees are changing colors and we enjoyed it so much.


Mystic and special foggy weather in Huangshan


In autumn all the trees are changing colors


Autumn leaves

In the hotel we slept in 2 different rooms, there were no mixed dorms at the hotel. We met some great Chinese and in the morning we woke up early together to see the sunrise. It was magical!


Woke up early to see the sunrise

On the second day we had perfectly clear weather, and I liked the fact that we saw the scenery with the misty fog, and also had some clear sunny views. We traveled for 2 hours in the first ring of the west canyon.


West canyon


Second day on the mountain: perfectly clear weather


The walking included many scenic spots

We continued 4 hours more towards the cable car on the other side of the mountain, admiring many more scent spots. The map we took from the hostel really helped us navigate, though there are many signs and the path is clear. We took Yuping cable car down.

Huangshan is one of the most beautiful landscapes in China

Huangshan is one of the most beautiful landscapes in China


Huangshan mountain layers

visiting Huangshan in October - great weather and wonderful colors

Visiting Huangshan in October – great weather and wonderful colors


This one suppose to look like a turtle. hmmm….

Visiting Huangshan was a wonderful experience. If you like beautiful mountain peaks and colorful trees- don’t miss it.

Our rating for Huangshan is 10 out of 10.

We got back to our hostel in Tunxi and 2 Chinese friends joined us and stayed in the next room. We spent the evening and the next morning together and they were extremely friendly. We had a great time with them. In the evening we took a flight to Beijing for our last day in China.

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2 thoughts on “Huangshan: One of The Most Beautiful Landscapes in China

  1. amazing photos! I was there in the winter, so the scenery was pretty stunning covered in snow too

    • I love the scenery in Huangshan…it’s so different and unique in each season…

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