Huanglong: Joining Spontaneously to Chinese Tourist’s Bus to See the Clear Blue Pools

In the morning we took a taxi to the airport for our flight from Chengdu to Jiuzhaigou. We landed at 12:30 and we were looking for the bus to take us from the airport to the park area. When we asked different people who work at the airport where the bus to the park is they told us over and over again that there is no bus today from the airport. We considered taking a taxi, but for more than half an hour of waiting no taxi came.

While waiting and thinking what to do we met a nice Chinese English speaking guy that arranged for us to join in a Chinese tourist’s bus that will travel several hours to the Huanglong Park and they will drop us off at the end of the day at Jiuzhaigou park area. Huanglong Park was in our plan anyway so we were lucky and we visited the park at the day of the flight.


Tibetian Style

nice views on our way to Huanglong

Huanglong Park is lovely, relaxing and beautiful. The place is full of clear blue pools, waterfalls, mountains with snowy peaks and lots of green surrounding. Traveling the park should take half a day, but because we were depended on the tourist’s bus that took us we had about 3 hours, which was enough only for reaching up to the middle of the park and back down to the entrance. This place is amazing and highly recommended when visiting Jiuzhaigou, don’t miss it.

Our rating for Huanglong Park is 10 out of 10.


Huanglong beautiful pools


This tree looks like a Chinese Pagoda, isn’t it?(=



beautiful landscape makes us smile(=




beautiful nature


In the evening we arrived at the accommodation ordered by phone, we didn’t pay in advance. Zhuo Ma’s Homestay– top choice of the lonely planet book, we stayed there two nights during first week of October. Zhuo ma changed the price every time we called her, price jumped up to 400 yuan per night and we slept in her cousin’s house which means no toilet and no shower, dirty room from wood with spiders and door that cannot be closed. If you want toilet or a shower you need to walk in the freezing dark 10 minutes to Zhuo ma’s house. She always told us to just rest when we asked her why we are staying at her cousin’s house and not in her house. Communication with her was poor. This was the most expensive place in China we stayed and the most disappointing one.

Our rating for Zhuo Ma’s Homestay is 2 out of 10.
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2 thoughts on “Huanglong: Joining Spontaneously to Chinese Tourist’s Bus to See the Clear Blue Pools

  1. Pintravels

    Sorry to hear you had a bad hostel, have you got any alternative suggestions for staying in Huanglong?

    • I think checking out Trip Advisor and Hostelworld can be a good idea for better sleeping experience…(=

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