Jiuzhaigou Nature Reserve: crystal clear water and stunning mountain views

Today we are visiting the place that caught my eye when I first started to think about China as our next destination: the amazing Jiuzhaigou Nature Reserve. It  is located 330 km north of Chengdu. Most visitors arrive here by bus (about 10 hours) or flight from Chengdu.

It is famous for its magical lakes, spectacularly beautiful waterfalls and stunning mountain views. When I started to do my research about china I kept looking at the beautiful photos of Jiuzhaigou. I knew we must visit this gorgeous place.

The various lakes in the site are blessed with crystal clear water. Each and every lake is special and different from the others. The scenery is really amazing and relaxing. the reflations on the water are perfect.


perfect lakes




wonderful day at Jiuzhaigou


amazing watefalls

You can do most of Jiuzhaigou Park in a full day, go early and take some snacks with you. It’s really nice to go on a beautiful spot, sit and enjoy the landscape. From the entrance, you can take the bus to the farthest point to start and from there you can walk your way back while admiring the beautiful blue lakes.

Our rating for Jiuzhaiguo Nature Reserve is 10 out of 10.


crystal clear water

Jiuzhaigou14 Jiuzhaigou4



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