National Day in Shanghai! What an Atmosphere!

In the morning we took a 5 hours flight from Urumqi to Shanghai. We arrived at Mingtown Hiker Youth Hostel. The hostel is located perfectly in a walking distance from the bund, the subway and Nanjing road. Free wifi and nice English speaking staff.

Our rating to Mingtown Hiker Youth Hostel is 8 out of 10.

Arriving Shanghai in 1 October (National Day) was fun and interesting. The streets were full of happy celebrating Chinese, waving flags, laughing and dancing everywhere. The crowds were a bit of a shock for us, but we liked celebrating with all the Chinese.


1 October in Shanghai


The crowds in Nanjing Road


In shanghai we visited the free interesting museum, did some shopping, visited the bund, and just had fun wandering around the people’s park and the lovely streets.

Our rating for Shanghai is 8 out of 10.


View from The Bund


Always a long line at the women’s toilets…(=


Shanghai Museum



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