Italy – Introduction

Italy is a beautiful country. This is our first trip abroad me and Oded did together:  11 days at north Italy, including Garda Lake, Verona, Venice, the Dolomites and Milan, We felt like we can spend much more time here and this country have a lot more to explore. We really loved the Italian food: every day we had one pizza and one spaghetti dish and at least one ice cream for each! Everything was delicious! I liked the lasagna in Italy so much, that ever since we got back home I tried to make exactly the same lasagna Bolognese. Everytime I cook it I think about this beautiful country.  The landscape is amazing and the Italians are friendly and helpful.

We traveled in 21.9- 1.10 and the weather was wonderful, it didn’t rain even once. The only cold place that we used our coats was the Dolomites and we liked it; the air was fresh and clean.

check out my Art inspired by Italy
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