The Dolomites: Feeling Lucky Seeing this Incredible Landscape

Days 7-10

The trip from Venice to Cortina supposed to be easy: a direct bus from Venice. But since we visited after the high season (high season lasts until September 13) we needed to take the train from Mestre to Calalzo and then a bus to Cortina. The view from the bus was spectacular.  In Cortina we stayed at a local family’s hotel called ‘Villa Neve‘. It was a very pleasant place except for the fact that the owners barely spoke English so they couldn’t help us with information.


view from the bus to Cortina

We woke up early in the morning to start out visit at the amazing Dolomites. Cortina is lovely, the air is so clean and everything is green around you. We went to the tourist center in Cortina to ask where can we take a bus to see some of the landscape and they told us that there is no bus now cause it’s not the high season.

We met an American woman that planned as well to travel around by bus. We decided to rent a car together for 2 days. Near the tourist center we met another American named Garry and he offered to travel together. He had his own rental car and we followed him. He told us that he traveled to Europe more than 20 times and he never saw a beautiful place like the Dolomites in Italy, so he can take us to see some amazing spots.

We drove on the Great Dolomite Road and stopped over few times. The landscape was incredible. We felt so lucky to be there and we had fun with the 2 Americans. We took a cable car to a beautiful spot. In the evening we all had dinner together at a great restaurant in Cortina named ‘5 Torri‘. The food wasn’t expensive and very delightful.

The Dolomites Landscape

The Dolomites Landscape


The Great Dolomite Road


took the cable car to see some stunning views


feeling so lucky


amazing landscape anywhere you look




In the next day we spent a wonderful day visiting some of the lakes in the Dolomites, which was quite easy to do thanks to the rental car. We drove to Lake Misurina, then to Lake Landro, then Lake Dobbiaco then to Lake Santa Caterina and then back to Cortina. We like the most Lake Santa Caterina. All the lakes were so peaceful and beautiful. The surrounding mountains and the great weather made us feel really happy. The Dolomites are so incredible, we felt like we can easily spend a week here and we definitely want to come back sometime. In the evening we had another delicious meal at ‘5 Torri’.


Lake Misurina


Lake Dobbiaco


Lake Dobbiaco




eating ice cream at least once a day (=




Lake Santa Caterina


Lake Santa Caterina- just like a postcard


In the next morning we took the bus to Calalzo and then the train to Milan. It took about 6 hours. We stayed at ‘Charly Hotel‘.

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2 thoughts on “The Dolomites: Feeling Lucky Seeing this Incredible Landscape

  1. Maggie

    Hello Sivan,
    I am currently planing a trip to this beautiful place and I’ m so excited you loved it. Thank you for showing this pictures it makes clear the lakes I want to see. Beautiful pictures, which lens did you use? 🙂

    • Hey Maggie!
      It’s actually quite funny, it was my first trip abroad, before I knew how much I love photography, so I used a simple and really old camera for these pictures in Italy, which means that the real magic is the amazing landscape and not the camera…(=
      Enjoy exploring The Dolomites! Such a beautiful area!

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