Travel Tips for China

On our first few days in China we had a little shock; everything and everyone around us is different and new. Doing some research before our trip and get some travel tips helped us a lot. Here are some tips I believe it’s important to remember while traveling in China:

  • Drink only mineral water in China.
  • Many people afraid to suffer from diarrhea while traveling in China. It didn’t happen to me even once and I’ve been eating anywhere- street food, markets, and local restaurants. Just try to eat in clean and busy places and if you see many Chinese eat there-then get inside- it’s probably cheap and tasty!
  • The best time to visit China is generally either spring (March to May) or autumn (September to early November). Major public holidays can make travel a bit difficult. Many Chinese travels during their holidays and the touristy places get really crowded- I found it fun to celebrate and travel with them. Accommodation rates become very expensive during the May Day holiday (a week long from 1 May) and National Day on 1 October (likewise a week long, also called ‘golden week’) so it’s best to book in advance for this period. Also train tickets can be difficult to purchase.
  • International student card– this card can get you a discount in many places all over China.
  • Wi Fi was available and free at almost any hostel we’ve visited, even in remote places. Having a smartphone can be nice and useful for staying in touch with your families and also for using translation apps.
    • Relax and enjoy the experience. Sometimes things won’t happen exactly like you planned, sometimes you get lost in the crowded streets, sometimes you miss your train, and sometimes you sit in a bus full of Chinese for hours and can’t understand anyone. But this is part of the fun. Those moments when you feel a little lost are the moments you’re gonna laugh about later. So keep you’re smile and have fun!

      keep your smile! (=

      keep your smile! (=

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