El Bolson: The Town of the Hippies

El Bolson is a small Argentinian town full of hippies, surrounded by beautiful mountains and famous for the artisan market. It’s a great place to relax and enjoy the town’s special atmosphere.

We stayed 3 nights at La Casona De Odile hostel. We came here with high expectations and were disappointed.Pros: nice breakfast and dorms, beautiful garden, quiet and relaxing place. Cons: the staff were’nt helpful and didn’t understand correctly how long we wanted to stay, so we had to move to another hostel. The relaxing location means that you are far from the center and pretty much from everything, the bus that should take you to the center almost never shows up so you need a taxi, which turns to be really expensive. Also not the best kitchen for cooking. The other travelers were’nt so friendly and much older than us, but that’s not the hostel’s fault.

Our rating for La Casona De Odile hostel is 6 out of 10.

We did a fun horseriding trip to a beautiful viewpoint, near the rock called ‘Indian’s head’. The horseriding lasted 3 hours and we enjoyed the landscape. It was the first time doing horseriding in South America, we liked it and decieded to try it again in other places.

Horseriding around El Bolson

Horseriding around El Bolson

Stunning view point while doing horseriding

Stunning view point while doing horseriding


'Indian's head' rock

‘Indian’s head’ rock

On our second day in town we took a bus to visit the calming Lago Puelo, a beautiful lake where you can do a great picnic, and if you’re brave enough, go for a swim in the cold lake!

A day trip to the pastoralic Lago Puelo

A day trip to the pastoralic Lago Puelo

On the third day in town we wanted to go to the carved forest ‘El Bosque Tallado’. This is a unique place, few kilometers from El Bolson, where artists created a carved wood exhibition from a burnt down site. Very inspiring.

To get to the forest you’ll need a quite expensive taxi, or…hitchhiking! We waited in the road until a young Argentinian couple stopped for us. They didn’t speak a lot of English, and we didn’t speak a lot of Spanish, and yet we had a wonderful day together!

We parked the car and did a little up-hill walk untill we got to the beautiful ‘bosque tallado’. The wood art is incredible, and as artists, we found this place magical.

The carved forest 'El Bosque Tallado'

The carved forest ‘El Bosque Tallado’

Incredible wood art

Incredible wood art

After the visit we all continiued walking little trail in the Piltriquitron mountain untill we got to a beautiful viewpoint. Here you can have a special panoramic view of El Bolson and the surrounding area. We had a relaxing lunch and then went back together to town.

A beautiful viewpoint in the Piltriquitron mountain

A beautiful viewpoint in the Piltriquitron mountain

We enjoyed the relaxing vibe of El Bolson, and the beautiful surrounding landscape. The climate here is perfect, not too hot and not too cold, so you can hike one of the great trails around town.

Our rating for El Bolson town is 8 out of 10.

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