Tiger Leaping Gorge: Powerful Landscape

We took two – three hours minibus ride from Lijiang (organized by the hostel) for 35 yuan per person up to Jane’s Guesthouse, located at the beginning of the trek.

We went for the Tiger Leaping Gorge trek although we felt a little sick and therefore, an hour after beginning to walk, we paid 100 yuan per person (after bargaining) to ride mules from the Naxi Family Guesthouse until after the 28 twists (the difficult part of the trek). From there on we continued by foot. I recommend riding mules because it allows you to really concentrate on the view, instead of being more concentrated in the physical effort.


riding mules


green mountains


Four and a half hours after the start of the trek, we arrived at the Tea Horse Guesthouse. You should note that anyone that started the trek with us and did it all by foot arrived about two hours later. We ate their delicious food, but we were told that it is better to sleep in the next guesthouse, which is nicer so we continued on our way. After two hours walking from the Tea Horse Guesthouse we got to Half Way Guesthouse and paid 120 yuan for a double room.


huge visitor in our room(=


amazing mountains

The next morning we woke up quite late and after about two hours of walking we reached Tina’s Guesthouse. From there we had two options: go down a few more hours to the gorge and see the statue closely or take a minibus back to Lijiang. We were pretty tired and decided to finish here. We shared a minibus with 5 more travelers back to the hostel in Lijiang at a cost of 50 yuan per person.




feeling so lucky…


The green mountains are all over the trek. When looking above you can see mountains with snow-capped peaks and it feels so wonderful. Looking down to see the river flowing strongly, with all the surrounding scenery was breathtaking. This trek is one of the most amazing places we have seen in China and therefore highly recommended. For those who are not in best shape, you can always use the mules for the hard part.

Our rating for Tiger Leaping Gorge is 10 of 10.


beautiful 2 day trek- Tiger Leaping Gorge

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2 thoughts on “Tiger Leaping Gorge: Powerful Landscape

  1. I was there in 2008. Really amazing place. you didnt find the “number 1 toilet under heaven” I guess?

    • Lol… I definitely remember the toilets in Half Way Guesthouse…amazing view…(=

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