Top 6 of Rio de Janeiro

1. Watch the sunset at Pao de Acucar (Sugarloaf Mountain)

Take the cable car to the peak of Pao de Acucer. Going at sunset is the best time to go and have a wonderful panoramic view of Rio de Janeiro. The landscape is really beautiful. If you have a student card you can take the cable car for half price.

beautiful sunset at Pao de Acucar

Beautiful sunset at Pao de Acucar

wonderful view of Rio at the Sugarloaf mountain

Wonderful view of Rio at the Sugarloaf mountain

2. Hang gliding over Rio de Janeiro

Hang gliding over Rio is one of the most exciting things I ever did. I will never forget the feeling of running off that cliff and then- flying! I think it’s the closest feeling you can have of flying like a bird.

Since I remember myself I had many dreams of me flying high in the sky. Hang gliding was exactly like flying in my dreams. I was so shocked by the amazing landscape, the wind, and I kept smiling for a long time. Being so high in the sky was so peaceful and thrilling at the same time. The hang gliding usually lasts between 8 to 12 minutes.

I really recommend Manoel Navarro, my guide for this flight. he is very experienced and gave me a lot of confidence. I felt safe and enjoed it so much. This is an experience of a life time! Don’t think too much, just go and do it!!!

Hang gliding over Rio de Janeiro

Hang gliding over Rio de Janeiro

3. Go out to Lapa and enjoy the lovely atmosphere

Lapa is the place where all Brazilians go out to party or just walk around, have a drink and meet some friends. It’s a great place to hang out and you can also visit the colorful famous Lapa steps.

We stayed at a wonderful hostel in Santa Teresa called ‘Santa Mix Hostel’. I really recommend this hostel. The staff went out with us at night to Lapa and were helpful and so friendly. This is an awsome hostel.

the colorful famous Lapa steps.

The colorful famous Lapa steps.

4. Enjoy the beautiful Ipanema beach

Ipanema beach is one of the best in Rio. The view is wonderful and the beach is fun in the sunny hot weather of Rio. It’s fun to walk along the beach, but the best part is watching the sunset at Arpoador, the big rock between Copacabana and Ipanema beach.

sunset at Ipanema beach

Sunset at Ipanema beach

5. Go to see some nature at Tijuca forest

In the middle of the busy city you can find the huge beautiful Tijuca Forest. You can choose one of the many trails or climb your way to a cold refreshing waterfall and enjoy this peace of nature. This is a great place to visit and very recommended.

waterfall in Tijuca Forest

Waterfall in Tijuca Forest

6. Appreciate the impressive Christ the Redeemer statue

Take the train to the amazing Corcovado mountain. The huge Christ the Redeemer statue is beautiful. The landscape from Corcovado is incredible. Standing up there you can enjoy the panoramic view of Rio.

landscape from Corcovado mountain

Landscape from Corcovado mountain

the impressive Christ the Redeemer statue

The impressive Christ the Redeemer statue



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4 thoughts on “Top 6 of Rio de Janeiro

  1. My best friend spent a summer in Rio De Janeiro last year and she was over the moon to be there. Looks like this city has a lot of different things to offer. Some of them sound like a real fun, for example hand gliding. Never done it before. May I ask how much you paid for this?

    • You definitely right, Rio is an incredible city. Hang gliding was crazy and so much fun. I’ll never forget the feeling of beeing up in the sky…It was quite expensive, 300 Reails (without the pictures) which is 130 USD, but totally worth it.(=

  2. Rio is a place I’m dying to visit! I’d have to save up my courage points but I’d love to try Hang gliding 🙂

    • If you’ll ever visit Rio, do the hang gliding! It’s the best way to enjoy Rio’s landscape(=

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