Guilin: Take a Cruise on The Li River

We arrived at Kunming early in the morning and we only had a few hours to kill before our flight to Guilin. We visited Dian Chi Lake, which was nice.

Dian Chi Lake- Kunming

Dian Chi Lake- Kunming

At night we arrived at our hostel in Guilin– Backstreet Youth Hostel, the double room was nice and cozy, but no elevator to the double rooms (which are on the fourth floor) and also wifi is available only at the entrance of the hostel. The staff spoke good English and very friendly, the location of the hostel is really comfortable.

Our rating for Backstreet Youth Hostel is 7 out of 10.

I’ll start by saying that in our opinion the attractions in Guilin are much less interesting then the near beautiful village- Yangshuo. So you can spend a full day in Guilin and it would be enough.

We visited the seven stars park, the solitary hill, and the elephant trunk hill (which is the only one worth visiting I think). If you have time it is recommended to go to Lonsheng rice terraces (3 hours from Guilin) at least for one day. When we arrived Guilin in the middle of October the staff at the hostel told us that now it’s the end of the season so it would be less beautiful. so we decided to take a wonderful cruise on the Li River from Guilin to Yangshuo.

elephant trunk hill

elephant trunk hill


read more about Yangshuo and our cruise on the Li River and the Yulong River 



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