China – Introduction

China is vast and colorful. Therefore, it is a perfect destination for all kind of tourists. In China you can find dazzling cities along authentic villages, long lasting history and culture along modernity and advancement, breathtaking isolated landscape along crowded streets and hutongs.


Little Likeng village in Wuyuan

China is developing rapidly so in each and every visit you can find easier ways to travel a country that smiles to you anywhere you look (especially with our western-interesting-different look). you can travel with any transportation you choose: flights, trains, buses, taxi. you can walk, you can cycle, you can travel by yourself or travel with people you’ll meet from all around the world, and the best part in my experience- you can travel with Chinese!

Chinese people are very warm and friendly– even when they barely speak English. They will try to help you in any way they can- whether it’s by taking you to your destination (like the time we didn’t find our way to a park in Beijing) or by offering an advice or any kind of help.


great Chinese

The food

Chinese cuisine is unique, delicious and thrilling (are you ready for some spicy flavors?). It is a great part of Chinese character and culture, you can feel it immediately. Chinese love eating together and they love sharing their food with each other in special ways (like ordering 20 different dishes for one family and share everything).

The Chinese  food most likely will be one of your best memories. whether you’re trying out the local food in the streets and markets or in a fancy restaurant, a special experience is guaranteed( and if you feel like having a break from Chinese food you can always have some western food like Mcdonalds, KFC, pizza and more, which you can find all over china).


Shalom Bao (soup dumpling)

The beauty of visiting an unfamiliar world

China always finds a way to surprise you. It’s a country that you can’t just stay apathetic to. China has a charm that stays with you long after you come back home, and makes you miss everything about it.

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2 thoughts on “China – Introduction

  1. orni

    my name is orni.i am happy i have found this big interest in china started 15 years ago when i studied chinese medicine with a chinese teacher in israel. since then china became my main interest and also profession.i can speak mandarin and never stop learning.the photos i see in this blog make me more anxious to travel to china again.
    for the ones who wants to learn chinese i can recommend my own teacher.she is a typical native chinese and the best teacher i ever had. (i have no any self benefit for saying this ,of course).
    i hope to find in this blog valuable information and pictures about china!

    • Hey Orni! Thanks for your comment. China is an amazing country. I loved this country so much that for sure I’ll go back again and again. Everything about China made me so happy- the food, the culture, the locals, the history, the landscape…magical country indeed.

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