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Karakul Lake: Stunning Scenery and No Other Tourists! Experience of a Lifetime

We took the bus from Kashgar to Tashkurgan that also stops at Karakul Lake. This road, named the Karakoram Highway, connects China with Pakistan. The views on the road include stunning scenery, almost completely unspoiled. After 6 hours we arrived at Karakul Lake. Immediately a Kyrgyz boy offered us to stay in his family’s yurt...
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First Trip to China Cost Summary

Cost summary per person: International round-trip flight from Israel to Beijing, China (via Kiev, Ukraine): 745$ 6 domestic flights: 1240$ Beijing-Chengdu Chengdu- Jiuzhaigo Jiuzhaigo- Chengdu Chengdu- Lijiang Kunming- Guilin Guilin- Beijing All other expenses (including food, accommodation in double rooms, attractions fees, transportation etc…): 1590$ in 24 days, 66$ average per day. Shopping during the...
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